(b. 1987)


2016 M.F.A., Painting, , Department of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, Korea National University of Arts, Seoul, Korea
2013 B.F.A., Art Department, Korea University, Seoul, Korea

Solo Exhibition

2015 the scenery behind, space bm, Seoul
2013 from scnery, willing n dealing, Seoul

Group Exhibition

2016 Hybrid_new vision, Cheongju art studio, Cheongju
2016 Document the traces of 10years/the future of the 10years, Cheongju art studio, Cheongju
2015 PT & Critic – 2013 Reunion, willing n dealing, Seoul
2015 Link, 175 gallery, Seoul
2014 Who’s room, leehwaik gallery, Seoul
2014 Today’s Salon, commoncenter, Seoul
2013 投影: The town flows, Hanwon Museum, Seoul
2013 //, Bokdo Gallery, Seoul


2016 Cheongju art studio, Cheongju